Energy-Efficiency Network at the Chemical Site of Leuna founded

Improvement of energy efficiency is the main objective of a significant change in energy policy. Energy efficiency is of fundamental importance for competitive manufacturing at the chemical site of Leuna. InfraLeuna GmbH as supplier of energy-related services considers itself in a special responsibility and initiated the foundation of an energy-efficiency network at the Chemical Site of Leuna. Basis of this network is an initiative of the German government and leading trade associations for the formation of 500 new energy-efficiency networks in Germany.

"Our chemical site already takes an international  top position regarding energy efficiency. We will consolidate this position in the next few years by close cooperation with our customers within the new energy-efficiency network", said Dr. Christof Günther, CEO of the InfraLeuna GmbH and speaker for energy issues of the Association of the Chemical Industry e. V. (VCI), sector North-East.
Minister-President Dr. Reiner Haseloff appreciated the foundation of this network: "I'm convinced this network will improve the competitiveness of concerned companies and furthermore of the entire chemical site. This is significant for the overall economy of our Federal State since the Chemical Site of Leuna is of outstanding importance".
The Hochschule Merseburg (University of Applied Sciences) is moderator and functional associate for activities within the network. "Our network combines strength of our partners from science, energy-intensive sectors and energy industry," Günther emphasised in his speech.

Energy-intensive companies within the network are Total Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland, Domo, LEUNA-Harze GmbH and the paper plant Wepa. The network has a preliminary duration of three years. "The Federal State will support this process", confirmed the Minister-President. 28.5 million Euros will be provided from autumn 2015 because indiviual targets are mostly achieved only by investment measures.

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