We invest in our performance - and in our customers´ performance.

Experience, performance, innovation.

LEUNA-Harze GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of epoxy resins in Europe. The medium-sized, ownermanaged company was founded in 1995 and has successfully continued the tradition of epoxy resin research and manufacture in Leuna that has been around since 1956.

The higher the level of performance we offer to our customers, the better they will perform on their respective markets. That is why every investment in our plants has a direct benefit for our customers. We extend our capacities and focus on innovative technologies. Our varied product portfolio means we are in a position to meet all customer requirements on the European market.

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„As one of the leading manufacturers in Europe, we have to keep pace with global competition as far as technology and logistics are concerned, so as to maintain our long-term viability.“
Klaus Paur, Managing Director

Your Contact

Managing Director
Mr. Klaus Paur
Phone +49 3461 43-4366

Product Manager
Mr. Marc Bisanz 
Phone +49 3461 43-4573

Mrs. Janine Gillert 
Phone +49 3461 43-4166

Mrs. Franziska Reinhardt
Phone +49 3461 43-4122

Mr. Detlef Schmidt 
Phone +49 3461 43-3283

Mrs. Sabine Rauschenbach 
Phone +49 3461 43-3094

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Technical Advisors/Application Technology

Dr. Holger Henning
Phone +49 3461 43-4015
Fax +49 3461 43-4574

Dr. Wolfram Tänzer
Phone + 49 3461 43-4516 

Dr. Sven Pfeifer 
Phone +49 3461 43-4180

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