Epilox® Epoxy Resins

Epilox® Epoxy Resins are manufactured from bisphenols and epichlorohydrin. Epoxy Resins react with compounds containing amino, mercapto, acid anhydride, isocyanate, phenolic and carboxylic acid groups. Cured epoxy resins are thermosets with outstanding physical properties and exhibit excellent chemical resistance.

Epilox® Reactive Diluents

Reactive diluents are low-viscosity glycidyl ethers of aliphatic alcohols and alkylphenols. They are mainly used for diluting high-viscosity epoxy resins based on bisphenols and novolacs. The use of reactive diluents improves properties such as processing viscosity, pot life and wettability of pigments or additives.

Epilox® Hardeners

Epilox® hardeners from LEUNA-Harze GmbH are mainly polyamines, polyaminoamides and polyamine adducts based on aliphatic and cycloaliphatic amines. The choice of a suitable hardener has a critical effect on the final properties of cured resins.


Development of product solutions

Our development and application technology department helps you to find solutions for your specific problems. Please contact us if you are looking for a special resin or a special hardener.


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Mr. Klaus Paur
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Mr. Marc Bisanz 
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Technical Advisors/Application Technology

Dr. Holger Henning
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Fax +49 3461 43-4574

Dr. Wolfram Tänzer
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Dr. Sven Pfeifer 
Phone +49 3461 43-4180

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