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Expansion of tank storage for bio-based epichlorohydrin


LEUNA-Harze GmbH continues to expand its capacity for bio-based epichlorohydrin

Due to the increasing demand for bio-based products, LEUNA-Harze GmbH has significantly expanded its storage capacity for glycerin-based epichlorohydrin. The installation of three new ground tanks allows for greater storage volumes, specifically for bio-based epichlorohydrin from their own production.

Each of these tanks has a capacity of 400 m³. With the expansion of storage capacities, the production quantities of bio-based epichlorohydrin and consequently of bio-based epoxy resins and reactive diluents can be further increased.

To prevent mixing with conventional epichlorohydrin, the tanks are exclusively filled with bio-based epichlorohydrin from their own production. This maximizes the bio-based content in the products and mass balancing is ruled out.

The tanks were commissioned in June 2023.