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EPILOX P13-18G - 100% biobased

Portfolio Update

EPILOX P13-18G: 100% Bio-Based Reactive Diluent

In the ever-growing chemical industry and construction sector, the demand for sustainable, high-quality materials has consistently risen. A product meeting these requirements is Epilox® P 13-18G(TDS).

The raw materials used in the production of the monoglycidyl ether (bio-based epichlorohydrin and C12-C14 alcohol) are bio-based. Thus, all carbon atoms (bio carbon content) in the final molecule come from renewable resources, and the bio-based carbon fraction of this reactive diluent is 100%. Additionally, using bio-based raw materials in production also reduces the ecological footprint of the product. Epilox® P 13-18G displays the same performance and quality as its conventional counterpart, Epilox® P13-18(TDS).


Diverse Applications

Epilox® P 13-18G is not only environmentally friendly but also imparts a slightly flexibilizing property to the cured system when mixed with epoxy resins.

The reactive diluent can therefore be used versatilely in various applications in combination with Epilox® epoxy resins. Particularly in the areas of coatings and mortars for floors, these modified epoxy resins offer advantages over other systems. In addition, these resin-reactive diluent combinations can be universally used in many other applications where diluted epoxy resins are required.

Bio-Based Reactive Diluents from LEUNA-Harze GmbH

Epilox® P 13-18G (TDS) (bio-based content: 100%) is part of a series of bio-based reactive diluents(portfolio) from LEUNA-Harze GmbH that have gained increased importance in recent years.

The bio-based monoglycidyl ether reactive diluents are completed by: [This section appears to be incomplete and would typically be followed by a list or description of the other diluents in the series.

Epilox® P 13-16G(TDS) (biobased content: 27%)

Epilox® P 14-12G(TDS) (biobased content: 23%)

bio-based diglycidyl ethers in the portfolio:

Epilox® P 13-20G(TDS) (biobased content: 50%),

Epilox® P 13-21G(TDS) (biobased content: 60%),

Epilox® P 13-42G(TDS) (biobased content: 22%), 

Epilox® M 985G(TDS) (biobased content: 16%).

Weiterhin produziert die Leuna-Harze GmbH den folgenden biobasierten Triglycidether:

Epilox® P 13-30G(TDS) (biobased content: 63%)


In an era where environmental friendliness is becoming increasingly important, Epilox® P13-18G offers a versatile solution for the chemical and construction industries. Its 100% bio-based origin and performance combine product quality and sustainability.