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Epilox G-series - biobased epoxy resins and diluents

Portfolio Update

New Bio-based Epoxy Resins from LEUNA-Harze GmbH

LEUNA-Harze GmbH has introduced its portfolio of bio-based epoxy resins. The products of the Epilox® G-series are manufactured as analogs to conventional Epilox® epoxy resins. By utilizing renewable raw materials in the production process of the incorporated epichlorohydrin, the resins of the Epilox® G-series exhibit a bio-based carbon fraction in the end product. The quality and performance are on par with existing Epilox® products.

In the Bisphenol A resins category, the following products have been introduced:

Epilox® A 18-00G (28% biobased content): Low-viscosity Bisphenol A resin suitable for universal applications.

Epilox® A 19-00G (28% biobased content): Standard resin with medium viscosity.

Epilox® A 19-02G (28% biobased content): Crystallization-inhibited resin with increased viscosity.

Epilox® A 19-03G (28% biobased content): Features a reduced content of saponifiable chlorine.

The following bio-based Bisphenol F resin is now available:

Epilox® F 17-00G (30% biobased content): Bisphenol F resin based on self-produced Bisphenol F.

Additionally, mixtures of Bisphenol A and F epoxy resins are now available. These crystallization-free resins vary in viscosities and are suitable for solvent-free coatings and applications in the construction industry:

Epilox® T 19-27G (28% biobased content)

Epilox® AF 18-50G (28% biobased content)

Epilox® AF 18-30G (28% biobased content)

With the Epilox® G-series, LEUNA-Harze GmbH now offers epoxy resins with a biobased carbon fraction, where sustainability and high performance go hand in hand.

The product portfolio of biobased resins and reactive diluents is continuously expanding. Additional products are also available upon request.